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Our property appraiser serves residents of Perkasie, Doylestown, PA, Bucks County and surrounding areas

The insurance claims process can be difficult and confusing. Insurance companies exist to make money, so it is in their best interest to award you as little as possible. If you want to get your claim fully covered, you'll need to turn to an outside property appraiser for help.

Dekker Appraisal, Inc. offers residential and commercial appraisal services to residents of Perkasie, Doylestown, PA, Bucks County and surrounding areas. We use the same software as the insurance companies, which allows us to give them the detailed information they need. Schedule an appointment today to see how easy it can be to get your claim covered.

Discover what makes us uniquely qualified

You can't trust just any property appraiser to do good work. Fortunately for residents of Perkasie, PA, Bucks County and surrounding areas, Dekker Appraisal is a top choice. We are:


we have over a decade and a half of industry experience


we work exclusively for the policy holder so they can get the coverage they need


we use the same software and technology as the insurance companies

Whether you need residential or commercial appraisal services, you can count on us to get the job done right. Call today to schedule an appointment.

We were shocked to hear our Insurance Co. wouldn't cover a puff back claim & we believed them until John said of course they have to cover your expenses. How thankful we were to see the quick response & expertise on his part to get us a settlement which enabled us to fix all of our damages from what occurred. We would highly recommend John who is very conscientious & knowledgeable in this industry. Thank you so much John for giving us such a successful outcome with our claim.

Luann Dekker

I have had the privilege to work with John Dekker and consider him a mentor and a man of integrity. He is loyal to those he works and deals with and is thorough in his work habits and ethics. He follows through when he is asked to take care of an issue and can be reached personally when called upon. He can handle multiple assignments when needed and you can rely on him when he is asked to solve a problem. I give John Dekker a 5 star rating for his loyalty, performance and personality.

Michael Apicella