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We were shocked to hear our Insurance Co. wouldn't cover a puff back claim & we believed them until John said of course they have to cover your expenses. How thankful we were to see the quick response & expertise on his part to get us a settlement which enabled us to fix all of our damages from what occurred. We would highly recommend John who is very conscientious & knowledgeable in this industry. Thank you so much John for giving us such a successful outcome with our claim.

Luann Dekker

First of all John was very prompt and thorough. He set my mind at ease and handled everything so professionally. I felt like everything was in good hands. And it was. I was very pleased and would definitely use a John Dekker's service again!

Hollie Corley

I have had the privilege to work with John Dekker and consider him a mentor and a man of integrity. He is loyal to those he works and deals with and is thorough in his work habits and ethics. He follows through when he is asked to take care of an issue and can be reached personally when called upon. He can handle multiple assignments when needed and you can rely on him when he is asked to solve a problem. I give John Dekker a 5 star rating for his loyalty, performance and personality.

Michael Apicella

-As an Appraiser, I have to say, John really is very:

Proffessional! Knowledgeable! Expedient! Thorough! Reputable! Tough on Adjusters!!!

-As a person John is very:

Kind! Great attitude! Caring! Honest! Concerned! Personable!

He gets it done! Quickly, efficiently, and professionally! I am, without a doubt, glad to know him!

Craig Bartlett

Not all Public Adjusters are the same. John & his company extend their help with honesty & integrity. I am a 22 year State Farm Agent and highly recommend John's for claim assist services

Jeff Boyer

If you believe you can battle insurance companies for what should be the rightful, fair, and equitable settlement, then you've NEVER had to file a claim!
For the rest, you need to engage Dekker Appraisal to have an honest, unbiased, certified, & qualified professional help get what you deserve.

Nick Bonsi

I have worked with John as an Appraiser. John is professional knowledgeable and trustworthy even as we work on "opposite sides" of the appraisal proccess.

Tim Cotten

We can't thank Dekker Appraisal enough for their care and diligence after our property experienced severe rain and wind damage. Although we had already submitted a claim to our insurance company, we called John Dekker of Dekker Appraisal, Inc. He fought with the insurance company for us, and in the end we received much more than the $1000. the insurance company had originally given us. Because of Dekker Appraisal, we were able to replace the roof that was damaged as well as interior repairs. Thank you John, and Dekker Appraisal, Inc!

Kathy Adderly